How to Create Better Operating Conditions for Your AC’s Outdoor Unit

Maintaining Your Outdoor AC Unit

Summertime is the best time of year, but only when your air conditioner is working properly! If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t think about your air conditioner until it stops working. By then, it’s too late and you have to call a technician to come out and fix it.

In this blog, we will offer simple steps that homeowners can take to maintain their air conditioner from the outside.

Remove Debris

Take some time to clean debris around your air conditioner's outdoor unit. Leaves and dirt can block airflow and cause your air conditioner to work harder than it needs to. Not to mention, it can also be a fire hazard.

Keep the Unit Clean

It's important to keep the air conditioner's outdoor unit clean so that it can operate efficiently. A good way to clean the unit is with a hose and brush attachment. Be sure to turn off the power before you start cleaning.

Fix the Fins

If the fins on your air conditioner's outdoor unit are bent, use a fin comb to straighten them out. Bent fins can block airflow and cause your air conditioner to work harder than necessary.

Keep the Condenser Coils Clean

Another way to ensure your air conditioner is operating efficiently is to keep the condenser coils clean. You can clean the coils with a brush attachment on your hose. Turn off the power to the unit before cleaning the coils.

Keep the Unit Level

It's important to keep the air conditioner's outdoor unit level. If the unit is not level, it can cause the compressor to overheat. To check if the unit is level, use a carpenter's level. And, if you notice that your unit is not level, a technician can inspect and offer tips to keep your unit level.

Add Shade to Reduce Excess Heat

If your air conditioner's outdoor unit is in direct sunlight, it can cause the unit to overheat. Also, the more heat around your unit, the harder it has to work to keep your home cool. You can reduce the amount of heat by adding shade to the area. One way to add shade is to plant trees or shrubs near the unit.

Clean the Condensate Drains

Cleaning the condensate drains will help your unit reduce humidity in your home. Clogged drains prevent the unit from being able to keep humidity down in your home, which you will see over time if your walls or carpets become discolored. To avoid this issue, use a thin, stiff wire to pass through the condensate drain's channels.

Strategic Placement

Where you place your air conditioner matters. All air conditioning units should be placed strategically for the best performance possible. Here are a few simple guidelines to follow for placing your air conditioner in the right area:

  • Away from passageways.

  • 2-3 feet away from your home's exterior.

  • Away from any obstructions that can alter performance.

  • Away from doors and furniture.

There are more factors you should consider when you're checking where your air conditioner is currently placed, or if you plan on investing in a new unit. If you're unsure of if your unit is placed correctly, a technician will be able to help you.

AC Maintenance with AirCon Service Company

When it comes to air conditioners, regular maintenance is key in keeping your unit running smoothly and efficiently. Our team of experts at AirCon Service Company is here to help you with all your air conditioner needs - from installation to repair and everything in between. Contact us today to learn more about our services!