Spooky Things You’ll Find in Your Air Ducts

What’s In Your Air Ducts?

Your air ducts are connected to your HVAC system and go throughout your home. There are creepy crawlers that can make their way into your air ducts and objects that can block your ducts. These creepy crawlers and other objects can also cause buildup and congestion of the airflow in your home.

What unwanted visitors and objects can be found in your home’s air ducts? Keep reading to find out!


If you’ve ever heard tiny scratches, scuffles, or any other sounds coming from your vents, it could mean there’s a rodent in your air ducts. Rats, squirrels, mice, and other kinds of rodents make their way into your air ducts from small holes and gaps in your home.

Rodents can be scary, especially if you’re afraid of small animals. They leave behind droppings that can easily spread sickness and disease and can potentially destroy materials by biting through your ductwork.

Bugs and Insects

Other scary little friends that can be found in your air ducts, to name a few, are spiders and cockroaches. Cockroaches are usually an invasive species that can get into your home through just about any tiny opening they can find.

Cockroaches leave behind droppings that can build up in your ducts and cause allergic reactions like coughing and sneezing. Their droppings can also cause sickness as they carry harmful bacteria that they crawl around in.

Spiders can lay eggs in your air ducts and turn them into a baby spider haven, which can lead to you needing an extermination service to remove them. Spiders leave behind webs that carry dust and can also trigger allergic reactions if they’re not thoroughly cleaned from your ducts.


Since sources of air circulation can come from inside or outside of your home, allergens like pollen, dust mites, and pet dander can build up in your air ducts and circulate through the flowing air.

Dust can worsen your indoor air quality and collect in your filters. If your filters become full of dust, your allergies can be triggered by an excessive amount of dirt that can be removed with the help of a professional.


As one of the most hazardous materials you can find in your ducts, mold is a pretty scary find. And, not only does it look scary, it can have some scary effects on your body and respiratory system as well.

Mold grows from moisture and grows spores that can greatly reduce the quality of your home’s air. If you breathe in mold spores that flow through your heating and air conditioning system, you may experience respiratory issues stemming from the spores.


Most of us have seen the movie Snakes on a Plane, right? If you have, you know that snakes can make their way into just about anything, including your air ducts. You may know if you have a snake slithering around your ducts if you hear a slithering sound. Scary right?

You should know if there is a snake sliding its way through your air ducts if you ever hear a slithering or swishing sound. If you do, contact a professional to remove the snake and seal any holes left after.

Airborne Bacteria

Airborne bacteria is a scary find because it’s everywhere and can make you sick if you come into contact with it. Since particles are so tiny that you can’t see them, installing a whole-home air purifying system is the best way to remove them.

How Can I Remove these Spooky Objects from my Air Ducts?

The best way to get rid of these pesky particles and animals is to contact your local HVAC professional for removal. At AirCon Service Company we want you to know that we’re here to help so that you can remain comfortable at home. Give us a call today at (281) 823-8771 for more information.