How To Prepare A House For Winter In Texas

Although we don’t get a harsh winter, it can get pretty cold at night here in Houston. That’s why we here at AirCon Service Company are giving you some tips on how to prepare your home for the nightly dip in temperature.

Your comfort is our priority. So, when you gather with your family, have the movie queued up, and hot cocoa in hand, the last thing we want is for your heater to malfunction. Reliability is the key and today, we are going to hand it to you.

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll unlock the secret to consistent comfort:

Seal Any Air Leaks

Feeling drafts in your home? This is an indication that your windows or doors are not sealed properly, making it harder for your heating system to reach your desired temperature. Air leaks counteract your climate control efforts, as your heated air is seeping out of your home through cracks and breaches in insulation. If you do notice any gaps around your windows or doors, apply weatherstripping or caulking where applicable. This will help keep your home at a stable temperature.

Change Your Air Filters

Before the winter season starts, check your air filters! If you have not replaced your system’s filters in the past three months, it is time for you to switch them ASAP! Clean air filters not only protect you against airborne contaminants, which is increasingly important during the current pandemic, but also increase your airflow. Inadequate airflow will result in insufficient heating, so if you are noticing a decrease in the air pressure coming out of your air vents, your filters may be at fault.

Check The Age Of Your Unit

If your heating system is between 15 and 20 years old, it may be time for it to retire. Outdated systems not only have the potential to breakdown due to the standard wear and tear it experiences over time but also can cause increased utility bills. Older units are simply not up to the current efficiency standards and demand more power to produce the same, or a lesser, service. If you are consistently performing repairs on your heating appliance, it is time for an upgrade. A general rule of thumb to follow: if your repairs are costing you even 50% the price of a new unit, you are better off replacing your heating system than continuing down the repairs path.

Observe Your Unit For Strange Sounds

If you hear banging, clanking, or screeching coming from your unit, you may have a loose part bouncing around or a heater belt that needs replacing. If these sounds persist beyond the initial start-up, it is time to contact your local HVAC experts for repairs.

Look For Cool Spots

Walk your home and check for uneven heating. If you feel any cold pockets, your ductwork may need cleaning or repairs. Clogged air filters, blockages in your ducts, or cracks in your delivery system can all cause this phenomenon. If you notice that you do not have consistent heating from room to room, this is a great place to start to reestablish your home comfort.

Listen For Short Cycling

If you hear your system turning on and off frequently, your unit may be short cycling. When this happens, your system is not able to complete your heating cycle. Not to mention, your unit may be in danger of overheating. Have this checked out immediately, as short cycling also increases your energy use, inherently causing spikes in your utility bills.

If you encounter any problems during your heater evaluation, contact AirCon Service Company at (281) 823-8771! We are here to help establish a comfortable climate for you year-round.