How Do I Lower My Energy Bill in the Summer?

Is it Possible to Lower My Energy Bills During the Summertime?

Since you may be spending more time indoors this summer, there’s a chance your energy bill may spike (hello, continuous air conditioner usage!). However, if you’re looking to cut your energy consumption in half, lowering your energy bill may seem like a challenge — but have no fear: there are some simple ways you can bring it down while staying cool all summer long!

5 Tips for Lowering Your Energy Bill This Summer

1. Use Ceiling Fans

If you don't know, your ceiling fan should rotate a certain way depending on the season. In the summer, to make sure you're saving on money while staying cool, your ceiling fan blades should be turning in a counterclockwise motion. This helps push the cool air down, creating a wind-chill effect on your skin. So, while you may feel more relaxed, remember that ceiling fans won’t change the room temperature — you’ll still need the help of an air conditioner to provide optimal cooling.

2. Keep Your Thermostat Steady

Another way to save money is to not consistently adjust your thermostat. The best thing to do is to keep the thermostat at one consistent temperature (i.e., 75 degrees during the day). Also, keep in mind: lowering your thermostat quickly, beyond an ideal temperature, doesn't mean your air conditioner will work faster; this actually causes your AC to start and stop more frequently, taking a toll on its overall efficiency.

3. Maintain Your AC

There are multiple ways to maintain your air conditioner to make sure that you're lowering your energy bill. First, you need to keep your air filters clean and change them frequently. Especially if there is more foot traffic in your home, there’s a higher chance that dirt, debris, and dander are being collected in your air filters at a more rapid rate.

It's recommended that your air filter should be cleaned (or replaced) approximately every 2-3 months. The reason being is that when there is more debris caked onto your air filter, the less efficient your air conditioner will work since that dirty filter will restrict airflow.

This concept also applies to your ductwork, which should be professionally cleaned approximately every 3-5 years. However, in between cleanings, you should consistently check for problems such as leaks or cracks. And if an issue is present, your air conditioner's airflow will be diminished — meaning your unit will continue to run and not deliver the cold air you’re looking for; ultimately wasting money in the long run.

4. Close Your Blinds

Keeping your blinds closed is another way to save money since doing this won't cause your air conditioner to work harder than it has to. Think about it like this: the more the sun’s rays pool into your home, the hotter each room will be, resulting in you lowering your thermostat to a cooler temperature to combat the heat.

5. Use Appliances More Efficiently

If you use your appliances more efficiently, you can save on your energy bills this summer. To do this properly, only run your dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer for full-loads — nothing less. Of course, just keep in mind: the more you use these appliances with half-loads, the more energy you're wasting (and even have the chance of bringing more heat into your home, too).

Count on Your Houston HVAC Experts

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