Should I Cover my Air Vents?

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We see this happen all the time. Homeowners call us because their home is heating or cooling properly and they think there's a major issue with their HVAC system. In the end, what we come to find is that their air vents are either closed or blocked. Sometimes people block their air vents on accident when rearranging the furniture. Other times people purposely close off their vents with the intent to change the temperature in their home. That will never work — blocking your air vents will only increase the chances of needing an HVAC repair.

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Cover Your Air Vents

1. It messes up your system's airflow

Air needs to flow freely throughout your HVAC unit in order for it to work properly. If you close off your vents, the excess air is forced to flow in a direction that will end up damaging your unit.

2. It wastes your money

If you restrict or block the air from one room in your home, now your system has to work twice as hard to regulate the temperature in the other rooms. This will create a higher utility bill since your system is working double time.

3. You could damage your heat exchanger

There will inevitably be a buildup of air pressure if you block the airflow from your vents. This leads to issues with your heat exchanger — it will crack and could potentially emit carbon monoxide emissions.

4. It could lead to issues with your air duct system

Since an increased amount of air will be forcing its way through your duct system to get to a certain room, your duct system will wear quicker. And if your home has old duct material, your chances are even higher!

Before investing in a new indoor air quality system, talk it over with our experts to ensure that you make the right purchase! Our technicians are waiting on the other line to help you choose the right solution best-tailored to your individual needs. Give us a call at 281.823.8771 today, or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you!