What are the Benefits of Switching to R-410A Refrigerant?

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Switching From R-22 to R-410A

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the production of R-22 refrigerant, which uses Freon as part of its cooling process, was prohibited after 2009. The EPA wanted to promote a safer, more environmentally friendly alternative: R-410A. 

What Is R-410A?

R-410A is a chlorine-free refrigerant that is an alternative to R-22. R-410A meets the EPA's new, strict environmental guidelines. Since R-410A contains no chlorine, it will not be damaging to the atmosphere’s ozone layer.

If you have an older system that relies on R-22 refrigerant, and it malfunctions during the hot days of summer, it could leave you with a dilemma. Should you simply repair the existing system and keep using R-22, or should you replace the evaporator coil and condenser entirely with a newer model that uses R-410A?

While many factors could affect your particular situation, we strongly recommend switching from R-22 to R-410A.

What Are the Benefits of Switching to R-410A?

Switching over to R-410A has many benefits.

These benefits include:

1. Greater Efficiency

As a rule, R-22 Freon systems operate at an efficiency rating of 13 SEER or less. By replacing the evaporator coil and condenser with an R-410A system, you can boost the system’s efficiency to up to 14.5 SEER. Furthermore, if you install a high-quality air handler or furnace, your system may be able to achieve a SEER rating of 20 or higher.

In short, replacing your air conditioner’s components with ones that use R-410A instead of R-22 can double the efficiency of your entire system. Heating and cooling costs make up about 40% of the average American’s utility bill. Thus, efficiency is a significant factor when deciding whether or not to switch to an R-410A system.

2. Lower Price

In the Montreal Protocol, the EPA stated that production of R-22 in the United States would shrink by 99.5% by the year 2020. This means it will be scarcer, making it more expensive. While replacing your current system with one that uses R-410A may seem expensive right now, it will actually be more cost-effective in the long term.

When deciding whether or not to switch to an R-410A system, you should consider both the current cost and the expected future cost of each type of refrigerant. The average lifespan of air conditioning systems in Texas is 10-15 years.

If you choose to invest in an older system that uses R-22, you will actually be wasting money. The cost of R-22 will continue to increase exponentially in the next few years. Thus, R-410A is more cost-effective as a long-term investment, and its energy savings will also help make up for the initial expense.

3. Reduced Environmental Impact

The last benefit of using R-410A as opposed to R-22 is that it is more environmentally friendly. R-22 uses Freon, which leaks out of the system and harms the ozone. While an R-410A system still uses harsh chemicals, it is not as damaging to the environment.

It does not harm the ozone layer or cause cancer like R-22 refrigerant does, and will help your system work efficiently with less environmental impact. It is still not perfect, but it’s the best the industry has for now.

The Conclusion: R-410A Is More Advantageous Than R-22

If you are a homeowner wanting to enjoy an affordable and long-term solution to your home’s air conditioning needs, our team of Houston AC technicians can help. We will inspect your system, and discuss your options for installing an R-410A unit.

Our team will repair or replace necessary components to leave your home cool and comfortable all season long. With an R-410A system, you can rest assured that you made a cost-effective, environmentally friendly decision.

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