Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

April showers are known to bring May flowers, but with those flowers can come to some dreaded allergy symptoms (queue all that coughing and sneezing!).

As your allergy symptoms begin to kick into high gear, it's time to start thinking about some changes to make your life a little bit easier — starting with your home! Here are ten things you’ll want to put on your spring cleaning checklist.

1. DeClutter

First things first, now is the time to get read of all the unnecessary clutter and unused items in your home. The more you have, the more you have to clean and dust, so by keeping clean and open space, you can keep your air quality high!

2. Keep Floors Clean

There is a lot of grass, pollen and other allergy-causing substances that can be tracked into your house through your shoes. To stop spreading these around your home, you’ll want to keep your carpets vacuumed, and your floors swept and mopped. Another great way to ensure you are not tracking all of this around your house is to have a shoe and coat rack for your family by the front door.

3. Change Filters

By starting off the season with clean air filters, you can ensure your system is fighting to block out all the allergens. A clean air filter is your best bet for top air quality, and can also ensure your system works with top efficiency. Dirty filters will require your system to pump out air past all the dirt and debris, putting a strain on your machine and affecting its lifespan.

4. Wipe Down Windows

You might be getting more fresh air now that you have in the past, but when is the last time you cleaned the window sill and screens? All that dirt and dust are now getting into your home! To keep your air filters cleaner longer, you’ll want to give your windows a thorough cleaning so you can start the season off right.

5. Clean Curtains

Your curtains aren't exempt from all this dust either. Now is the perfect season to clean your blinds and curtains. This will ensure that the air coming through isn’t blowing around that dust and debris too.

6. Keep Humidity Under Control

A cool and comfortable home is best, and we all know humidity can be a challenge come spring and summer, but keeping it under control now, you can save your home from some serious moisture issues. Make use of all exhaust fans, and purchase a dehumidifier if needed.

7. Check For Odors

Do you notice a not-so-fresh smell lately? If you also have some extra moisture or dark spots growing in your bathroom, it could be some serious mold growth. If this is the case, you’ll want to be sure to get it taken care of ASAP as it can harm you and your families health.

8. Schedule Service

When is the last time your HVAC system got a good Tune-Up? Now is the perfect time for it. A professional can not only perform regular maintenance, but they can also spot the not so easy to see issues that could turn into major problems later. So by scheduling service, you can prevent yourself from a spring or summer breakdown!

9. Clean and Check Ceiling Fans

To keep your home eventually cooled off, and every room comfy and cozy, your going to want to utilize your ceiling fan. So to ensure that your fan isn’t blowing around any extra dust, you’ll want to take the time to clean the blades and fixtures. A clean fan will lead to clean air!

10. Check Your Outdoor Units

As you begin your outdoor yard work, now is the time to take a good look at your outdoor HVAC system. Check to see if any plants or trees are hanging too close to it, and be sure it’s completely cleared before you turn the system back on. With regular maintenance, a specialist will check the system for any issues or parts that might need to be repaired.

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