Sealing Air Leaks Around Your Home

Leaks are a sure sign there’s a problem with the pipes in your home. Most homeowners know a leaky sink could cost them more than usual on their water bills and are eager to seek out repairs. So, why shouldn’t homeowners treat air leaks with the same urgency and care? If an air leak is left alone for long, it could result in significantly higher energy bills and decreased weather protection. Take control of your energy usage by finding your home’s air leaks and repairing them with these tips.

What are Air Leaks?

Similar to pipe leaks, air leaks are spots at which your home’s ideally cooled or warmed air escapes to the outdoors. This results in lost energy both from regulating the temperature of the escaped air and from your system working harder than necessary to maintain your home’s ideal temperature, driving your energy bills higher. Air leaks typically occur in thin, outward-facing walls or along piping and ductwork within your home. When searching for the source of your home’s air leaks, try checking along:

  • Garage walls and doors
  • Chimneys and fireplace walls
  • Attic walls
  • Ducts and piping shafts
  • Recessed lighting
  • Exterior-facing walls in the living areas
  • Windows and exterior doors
  • Walls between attached units

Your local air conditioning technician will help you assess the most likely locations for air leaks in your home.

How Can I Stop Air Leaks from Affecting My Energy Bill?

Older homes and those built on a tight schedule may not have the quality materials and construction necessary to prevent air leaks. Over time, the caulking and weather stripping on your home’s most vulnerable areas can decompose due to exposure to the elements. Luckily, resealing your home is a relatively quick and inexpensive fix to any air leakage you may be experiencing. A qualified energy contractor or HVAC technician can assist you in repairing or reapplying the caulking and weather stripping to your home.

If you’d like further assurance that your home effectively heats, cools and maintains the temperature you choose, there are plenty of upgrades available to prevent outside air from getting in, or vice versa. Switching out your windows or exterior-facing doors with more energy-efficient varieties will prevent your HVAC unit from running longer and harder than it needs to. Homeowners should also be sure to install pliable sealing thresholds along door bottoms.

In homes with dryer vents, kitchen fans or fireplace flues, providing a covering for all these shafts will stop air from making its way outside.

Save Money on Your Energy Bills with Help from AirCon Service Company

Energy bills are likely one of the most costly monthly expenses for any homeowner. Don’t let your home’s air leaks allow your energy bills to get out of hand. Be proactive and protect your home from the elements by ensuring it’s sealed, caulked and outfitted with energy-efficient windows and doors.

Houston residents can check their home’s air quality and scan for possible air leaks with help from AirCon Service Company. Our HVAC technicians specialize in providing top-quality energy efficiency services coupled with courteous, friendly service. Contact us online or call (281) 823-8771 to schedule your home services today!