Cleaning Your Home Environment

You might think having an airtight home is enough to keep out most dirt, dust and allergens, especially since your AC system filters your air. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Dust and dirt have a knack for getting everywhere and often resist common cleaning methods. Pet dander and dust mites can be notoriously difficult to remove and can still linger after a thorough cleaning regimen.

The best way to ensure your home stays as clean as possible is to conduct a whole-home filtration.

Benefits of a Whole-Home Filtration

Whole-home air cleaners are fantastic devices to maintain fresh air, eradicate germs and eliminate odors. The devices can quickly filter incoming air from outside before it spreads throughout your home’s rooms. Several types of whole-home filtration devices exist, including:

  • Flat filters – These filters are made of fiberglass and need to be changed monthly. While these filters are great at capturing dust, they don’t block microscopic particles as easily.
  • Extended media filters – A particle filter that utilizes an electrostatic charge to clean the air. It’s able to catch incredibly small particles because of its electrostatic capabilities.
  • Electronic filters – Another unit that uses an electrical charge to clean the air. This system captures particles like a magnet and is extremely effective at capturing the smallest particles.
  • Ultraviolet filters – A filter commonly used by hospitals to keep rooms sterile. UV filters are perfect for eliminating bacteria, particles and harmful viruses, and they prevent diseases like tuberculosis from spreading through the air.

Installing a wall filter requires that the device be attached to the home’s return air duct so intake air passes through the cleaning unit, filtering out harmful particles in the process. Air purifiers generally provide better clean air distribution than standalone units.

Whole-home air cleaners also emit less noise than standalone units and require little to no maintenance. They’re more cost-effective when keeping larger areas clean.

Have a Quality Whole-House Air Cleaner Installed from AirCon Service Company

Take a breath of fresh air with a quality whole-house air cleaner from AirCon Service Company! We provide expert solutions and services to improve your indoor air quality. Our whole-house filtration system cleans indoor air by removing airborne particulates and dust with efficient HEPA filters that have a 99.97% efficiency rate.

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