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  • Why Your Home is Dusty
    Why Your Home is Dusty

    If your home is excessively dusty, it may be time to have your ducts examined for tears, holes or leaks. Contact AirCon Service Company online to schedule an appointment or call (281) 823-8771 .

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  • Sealing Air Leaks Around Your Home
    Sealing Air Leaks Around Your Home

    Leaks are a sure sign there’s a problem with the pipes in your home. Most homeowners know a leaky sink could cost them more than usual on their water bills and are eager to seek out repairs. So, why ...

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  • Cleaning Your Home Environment
    Cleaning Your Home Environment

    You might think having an airtight home is enough to keep out most dirt, dust and allergens, especially since your AC system filters your air. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Dust and dirt have a ...

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