How to Determine What Size HVAC Unit You Need

When it comes time to buy a new heating or air conditioning unit for your home, one thing most people probably won’t know is what size unit they need. Choosing the right size HVAC unit for your home is very important in order to maintain a comfortable, even temperature throughout the home while ensuring you aren’t wasting money on cooling and heating costs.

If your heating and air conditioning unit is too small, it won’t be very effective in creating your ideal indoor temperature. It will also work harder than a larger unit, which means it will be running more often than needed, all the while using excessive amounts of energy. A unit that is too large will cost more to run as well as leave the air with excess humidity.

When you’re choosing a contractor to replace your air conditioning or furnace, make sure to ask them about unit design and sizing. How they approach the task is as important as their technical acumen, as there are many factors to take into consideration when properly sizing a new HVAC system or unit.

Determining the Square Footage of Your Home

Knowing the square footage for each room is important for proper central air conditioning system sizing. The easiest way to accurately determine the square footage is to review your property tax statement or contact your county auditor’s office. If this information isn’t accessible you or your contractor will need to measure each room using the following steps.

In order to measure the square footage of each room for room heating and cooling units, or to add them together for a central unit, you will need a tape measure.

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Follow the BTU Guidelines

The United States Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR® website has provided guidelines for BTUs (British Thermal Units) which will help you and your contractor determine the HVAC unit you need for your home or ductless air conditioner you need for a room.

· For rooms that are very sunny, increase capacity by 10%

· For rooms that are heavily shaded, decrease capacity by 10%

· If the unit will be used in a kitchen, increase capacity by 4,000 BTUs

· If more than two people occupy the room regularly, add 600 BTUs for each additional person

· Don’t include areas that aren’t cooled such as a garage or basement

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