AirCon Service Company's Service Partner Plan

The AirCon Service Partner Plan ensures you receive rapid response for emergency services in addition to providing ongoing maintenance benefits, granting you peace of mind at an affordable price! Enrollees in the Service Partner Plan receive a wide array of benefits.

Service Partner Plan's Benefits

The main benefit of the Service Partner Plan is priority service – plan holders’ calls, routine and emergency, are put at the top of the response queue the second we receive them. Other benefits include:

  • High-performance tune-ups – Receive regularly scheduled maintenance on your heating and air-conditioning system, reducing breakdowns by an average 95 percent, lowering utility bills by approximately 30 percent and extending the life of your AC system for several years. Don’t worry about remembering to schedule a maintenance appointment – we’ll remember for you! One of our service professionals will contact you near the date of your next routine maintenance to schedule an appointment time that works best for you.
  • A 10 percent discount – Members receive a guaranteed 10 percent discount off the bottom line of all the air conditioning and heating repairs we conduct while the Service Partner Plan is active.
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee – Your satisfaction is our priority, and we offer 100 percent satisfaction along with attentive customer care for our plan members. If you’re not happy with our service for any reason, we will correct the problem for you.
  • Transferable – Our customers love our plan because it has no limits on transferability. It can carry over to your new home if you’re moving or to the buyer of your home if you’re selling.

Our service plan is designed to focus on the needs of loyal customers. We strive to provide swift solutions with an emphasis on freedom of choice for our members.

Enroll in AirCon Service Company's Rewarding Service Partner Plan

Enjoy peace of mind with a service plan that caters to you! AirCon’s Service Partner Plan costs only $12 per month ($8 per month for additional services), making it one of the most affordable service plan agreements in Houston, Texas.

AirCon Service Company’s technicians get the job done, regardless of what the weather is like outside. They have extensive training on the latest technology used in heating and air conditioning to tackle any home comfort issue that arises.

Enjoy fast response times and quality customer service under AirCon’s Service Partner Plan today! Contact us to enroll and start enjoying the benefits immediately!