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At AirCon Service Company, our technicians and installers have more than 55 combined years of experience repairing, maintaining, and installing air conditioning and heating equipment. No matter what your particular comfort needs are, our team strives to go above and beyond to help you. Each of our technicians, installers, and office staff is highly trained, friendly, and truly cares about your comfort needs. Learn more about the formidable team behind AirCon Service Company below.

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Derek Stewart | Owner, AirCon Service Company Derek Stewart – Owner

As the proud owner of AirCon Service Company, Derek says he "enjoys providing jobs for people to support their family and I love watching them grow." Over the years, AirCon itself has certainly grown. In fact, in the past 10 years, AirCon has grown by more than 800%! Derek is an excellent boss and he and his wife, Kim, are very supportive, giving, and encouraging people. They both serve at their church and are always helping others. When asked what he does when he's not at AirCon, he says "I'm usually with my wife and our daughter. Being a dad is my favorite thing!"

Seth | Business Manager, AirCon Service Company Seth – Business Manager

Seth is AirCon's business manager and he works hard to make AirCon the best it can be. He loves "getting to make a difference in the Houston area in terms of educating consumers so they can make wise decisions regarding their HVAC needs." When we asked him what he likes about working at AirCon, Seth said, "We truly have a passion for delivering high-quality service and products to our customers. We are also creating quality jobs for our local community." When he is not managing business at AirCon, Seth can be found at school, church or home playing with his son, Ethan, or watching movies or reading with his lovely wife, Kristy.

Dog Jack | Chief Barking Officer Jack – CBO ("Chief Barking Officer")

Jack, whose full name is "Jack Mississippi Mapp," is a four-year-old pit bull terrier mix. His long torso (and claws made for digging) seem to indicate that there may even be some Dachshund in his family tree! Jack likes long walks on the beach (or elsewhere) and chasing random things around the backyard. He likes barking at strangers, leaves, shadows, mysterious noises, and himself sometimes. He really loves working at our Houston heating and AC service company as the mascot because it allows him to explore his creative side (not to mention the fact that all the techs, installers, and office personnel love to feed him snacks when Seth isn't looking!).

Renee | Service Manager, AirCon Service Company Renee - Operations Manager

Renee is AirCon's service manager. "My job is all about ensuring AirCon delivers the best value possible to each of our customers," she says when asked about her job and what she likes about working at AirCon. "I love the family atmosphere, the people are very friendly and care about each other and the customers," she adds. Renee also appreciates that "Everyone here wants to say YES as often as possible." Renee enjoys being with her family, running, and watching her kids play sports.

Scott | Business Manager, AirCon Service Company Scott – Business Manager

Scott is our Business Manager, helping us ensure that we deliver premier service to our customers. He is directing and equipping our employees with the most up to date information. He appreciates the customer-focused approach that AirCon strives for as well as the family atmosphere of the employees. He loves spending time with his wife and three kiddos. He is a huge fan of "my school, Texas A&M." He also enjoys grilling

Kathleen | Dispatcher, AirCon Service Company Kathleen – Dispatcher

Kathleen is our dispatcher and we are pleased to have her as part of our AirCon team! When we asked her what she liked about AirCon, Kathleen told us, "I love how everyone takes care of each other and we are all like family here. Even though I am new, everyone has welcomed me in as if I have been here forever." Regarding her job, she told us, "I like helping and taking care of customers and making them happy." When she is not answering the phone at the AirCon office, Kathleen loves to spend time with her kids.

Lynne | Customer Service Representative Lynne – Customer Service Representative

Lynne is a new addition to the AirCon Team. She is one of the first voices you hear when you call AirCon and she works to make sure your calls are scheduled at the right time with the right technician!

Kim | Customer Service Representative Kim – Customer Service Representative

Kim loves that her job allows her to help people out and at the end of the day make a positive difference in how their day turned out. Kim appreciates the enthusiasm and passion that her AirCon colleagues bring to their job day to day. Away from the office, Kim enjoys spending her time with family, especially enjoying weekend getaways in the Texas Hill Country with her family. “With four dogs and 2 sons” Kim rarely has a dull day – and makes the most of each day!

Cheryl | Installation Service Rep, AirCon Service Company Cheryl – Installation Service Representative

Cheryl is our resident expert at handling and organizing the installs of new systems. She loves the friendly atmosphere and people she works with at AirCon. She said she appreciates how "the owner says hello and asks how you're doing and it's a very calm, pleasant environment." Cheryl enjoys working on the installs, entering proposals and ordering equipment, invoicing and all the data entry involved. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and also loves arts and crafts. Additionally, Cheryl loves live music and hanging out with her friends listening to the different bands in the area.

Cindy | Accountant, AirCon Service Company Cindy – Accountant

Cindy joins AirCon with a passion for accuracy, sorting through the details and helping others. One of her favorite things about working at AirCon is "the family atmosphere and being able to serve God with the talents and gifts He has entrusted me with. When she is not keeping the ledgers in order, Cindy is busy with her two Havanese dogs, Jack and Max. Cindy is a big sports fan, enjoying college and professional sports. She doesn't just like to watch games but loves game night—playing board games and cards with friends and family. Cindy and her husband serve together at church and love the opportunity to help others alongside each other.

Melissa | Comfort Advisor, AirCon Service Company Melissa – Comfort Advisor

Melissa has been with AirCon since 2010. She spent the first several years following up on service calls and proposals and making sure every customer was happy with the service they received. If there were ever any issues, she made sure they were resolved to the customer's satisfaction. Now, she is able to visit with clients in person and answer questions and solve problems as she helps them choose the best heating or cooling equipment for their homes. When asked what she likes best about her job, she said, "I love serving people and being able to help find the best comfort solutions for their homes based on what is most important to the individual(s). The fact that AirCon is a company that genuinely cares about customers and employees is a big deal to me and I don't take that for granted." Melissa spends her free time with her daughter and church family. She enjoys camping, kayaking, and taking pictures.

David | Comfort Advisor, AirCon Service Company David – Comfort Advisor

We are pleased to have David, a long-time technician and now a Comfort Advisor, at AirCon! David's a talker and fits right in with the rest of our AirCon family because he is also servant-hearted. He "appreciates how organized we are and our positive and pleasant people." He noticed right away that we care about our employees as much as we care about our customers. David said he "likes correcting whatever problems he finds when he is working and looks forward to a positive and productive ending to each service call." In his spare time, David likes to exercise and also enjoys the beach.

Jim | Comfort Advisor, AirCon Service Company Jim – Comfort Advisor

Jim has joined AirCon recently and is a wonderful addition to the team. His sharp and analytical mind coupled with a desire to make the customer comfortable and happy will lead to customers making informed and great decisions for their homes. He is a family man and outside of work, likes to spend time with his wife and children and is active in his church.

Jason | Comfort Advisor, AirCon Service Company Jason W. – Comfort Advisor

Jason is excited to be a part of the AirCon team. He “loves that AirCon strives for excellence in everything they do” while maintaining the integrity and approachable nature of a true family owned business. When asked what he likes most about his position at AirCon, Jason said “I love the chance to listen to customers situation and help them find a solution that makes them smile.” When he is not at work, Jason enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters. Jason enjoys playing music and doing projects around the house.

J. Wayne | In House Home Advisor, AirCon Service Company J. Wayne – In House Home Advisor

Jason Wayne has been with AirCon for many years. He is an expert in his field and our customers love him! He grew up in the HVAC business with his family in Louisiana, but we are fortunate to have Wayne as part of our AirCon family. Wayne will always try to find a cost-effective solution to a 'down A/C' and will offer several different solutions anytime he can to make sure the customer has options to meet their needs. Our customers love Wayne and often request him when they call in with a problem. In his spare time, Wayne is often at a swim meet with his beautiful daughter or may be found at home making his famous Louisiana gumbo.

Jody | HVAC Technician, AirCon Service Company Jody – Service Manager

Jody is a wonderful, servant-hearted technician and we are very glad he is part of the AirCon family. As an AirCon technician, Jody loves being part of a growing company and appreciates “that AirCon cares about their employees being with their families, they are very supportive." When we asked him what he loves about his job, Jody said, "Bringing smiles to the faces of my customers after I repair their AC and turn it on." When he is not at AirCon 'saving the day,' Jody loves being with his family, playing with his kids and going camping and hunting.

Steven | HVAC Technician, AirCon Service Company Steven – Technician

Steven has been brought into the AirCon family as an enrolled HVAC student of San Jac. Though he may seem young, he comes with a background and years of knowledge and experience in the HVAC industry working with his family's AC companies in California and is also a certified tech in the state of Texas. When asked what he likes about working with AirCon, he said, "I enjoy working at AirCon because of the loyalty, honesty, and respect for their customers." Steven enjoys spending time outdoors, skateboarding, fishing, and helping people.

Dai | HVAC Technician, AirCon Service Company Dai – Technician

Technician, Dai, is a welcome addition to our Houston heating and cooling service team! He says, "I like the family environment and the way that AirCon treats employees and customers very well." When we asked him what he likes about his job, he said "I like being there when the customer needs me. I like to see them happy." In his spare time, Dai likes to travel with his wife and spend time with his family. He also enjoys fishing and hiking.

Jeremy | HVAC Technician, AirCon Service Company Jeremy – Technician

Jeremy joins AirCon with experience in residential AC work and we are glad to have him on our team. Jeremy most enjoys that his job provides the ability to have a positive impact on people’s day and home comfort. Jeremy appreciates the friendly and family atmosphere of AirCon and the focus on customer satisfaction. When not at work, Jeremy enjoys playing basketball and video games.

Jeremy | HVAC Technician, AirCon Service Company Jackson – Technician

Jackson is a welcome addition to the AirCon team with multiple years of residential A/C experience. Jackson appreciates the “family environment and how we care for our customers” at AirCon. He especially enjoys educating his customers about their system and the best next steps to maintain and improve their comfort. Away from work, Jackson can be found fishing, rooting for the Green Bay Packers or appreciating some classic vinyl records.

Wade | Install Manager, AirCon Service Company Wade – Technical Manager

AirCon is blessed to have Wade coming to us with 18 years of experience. He has a deep understanding and wealth of knowledge for helping guide our installers to be their best so they can give our customers their best. He is a dedicated and proud father with a deep motivation to take care of his family by working hard. He loves to spend time with his children, has a great sense of humor, and loves animals.

Jake | HVAC Installer, AirCon Service Company Jake – Install Manager

AirCon is happy to have Jake as part of our install team. We asked him what he liked about working at AirCon and he said "I love that AirCon cares about their employees and doesn't run them into the ground. I also like the family environment." Jake has been installing for five years and he enjoys his job. "I love the relief that customers feel when we get their AC cooling." When he is not installing HVAC equipment, Jake loves to spend time with his wife and daughter, BBQ with friends, and volunteer at church.

Adrian | HVAC Installer, AirCon Service Company Adrian – Installer

Adrian is glad to be part of our AirCon family and we are happy he is here. He likes being at AirCon because "AirCon encourages their employees to work as a team and get the job done right." Adrian really likes that he can see a happy customer when he is finished with an install. In his free time, Adrian likes to relax after being in a hot attic all day and to fish whenever he gets a chance.

Hector | HVAC Installer, AirCon Service Company Hector – Installer

AirCon is happy to have Hector as part of our team. He likes being at AirCon because "AirCon is a family run company and not run as a big corporation." Hector likes to help his customer and get them cooling as soon as possible or warm in the winter time. When he is not making his customers comfortable, he is spending time with his family. He believes that's the best way to keep a family together.

David | HVAC Installer, AirCon Service Company David – Installer

David enjoys installing because it brings satisfaction to the customer. When asked what he likes best about his job David replied, "I like people's reactions when the job is done and they feel the difference." He enjoys the simple things in life like fishing and spending time with family and friends.

Thomas | HVAC Installer, AirCon Service Company Thomas – Installer

We are glad to have Thomas here as part of our AirCon family. He likes being an AirCon installer because as he says, "The people I get to work with every day are great and AirCon is all about a friendly environment." He likes to see the smile on customers’ faces after he gets everything installed. When he is not installing HVAC equipment, he is attending car shows and working on car audio. He also enjoys hanging out with his friends.

Kevin | Helper, AirCon Service Company Kevin – Helper

Kevin enjoys working for AirCon – he has the chance to work hard, get his hands dirty and then see a smiling customer once the job is complete. Outside of work, Kevin loves spending time with his family and going fishing whenever he can. When asked what he likes the most about AirCon, Kevin said he likes the organization and teamwork in the company.

Brad | Helper, AirCon Service Company Brad – Helper

Brad appreciates the teamwork approach at Aircon. He is glad that his job is able to have a positive impact on people through their home air conditioning and heater. He likes the organization and work ethic of the team at AirCon.

Stevie | Helper, AirCon Service Company Stevie – Helper

Stevie enjoys the hard work of installing air conditioning units. The work he does leads directly to customers being comfortable in their homes year round and he is proud of that. When he is not working, Stevie enjoys playing with his kids and spending time outdoors gardening.

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