How to Keep Your Air Clean and Comfortable 

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  • 27 Mar, 2017

With Houston’s infamous heat and humidity, it’s no surprise that most people prefer to spend their time indoors. Although it may seem more comfortable, the air inside your home might actually be worse for you than the air outside. The same humidity that drives you indoors can compromise your home’s health and comfort, encouraging the growth of mold and mildew that further diminish your indoor air quality. Here are a few methods to help you manage indoor humidity and ensure your air stays clean and sanitized.

Dangers of Excess Moisture

All air, whether inside or out, naturally contains some water vapor. Warm air can hold more water than cold air so as the temperature rises, so does the chance of humidity. Very moist air can make people feel chilled in cold weather while also being the cause of “stickiness” in hot weather.

In addition to affecting your comfort, overly damp air can negatively impact your health. High moisture is directly related to an increase in the growth of mold and bacteria, which then release spores into the air. These spores reduce your indoor air quality and can cause respiratory problems such as asthma attacks.

Simple Steps You Can Take

Some of the easiest ways to decrease indoor humidity are by properly ventilating your home and stopping the accumulation of moisture at its source. By opening windows on opposite sides of the house, you encourage passive airflow that will prevent moisture from settling inside. An effective air conditioning system will have the same result.

Household activities such as cooking, washing and even breathing are the biggest sources of indoor moisture. Always be sure to use your hood fan or bathroom exhaust fan to prevent the buildup of water while preparing food, bathing or showering. If you still notice high levels of moisture, consider investing in a small dehumidifier for problematic rooms.

In certain climates, such as Houston, fighting indoor humidity often feels like a losing battle, even if you follow all the best practices outlined above. Purchasing separate dehumidification systems isn’t the only option thanks to companies like Lennox who have developed technology such as the Humiditrol® dehumidification system. You can now order the latest high-efficiency, high-SEER rating equipment with this dehumidification technology built in so you can enjoy exceptional heating and cooling performance with the added benefit of optimal humidity control options.

Reducing Air Pollution

For the most effective humidity and air quality control, you’ll need professional help. An air quality technician can help reduce indoor humidity by adjusting your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, but also has access to more heavy-duty options for keeping your air clean.

Professionals can install whole-house air filtration systems to remove particulate matter, such as mold and mildew spores, with HEPA quality filters. Germicidal ultraviolet lamps can also be installed in your home’s air ducts to kill bacteria and other contaminants on contact, ensuring the harmful particulates stay out of your home and lungs.

Another cutting-edge option is the Air Scrubber Plus® with ActivePure™ technology, which utilizes technology originally developed in coordination with NASA to develop a system for recycling and cleaning air in the International Space Station. The Air Scrubber makes your home safer and more livable, and can even make your routine cleaning duties easier thanks to its ability to “scrub” the air circulating through your HVAC system with a specially designed germicidal UV light. The technology can remove all types of indoor air pollutants, including cigarette smoke, bacteria, pet and cooking odors, mold, pollen and more.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Houston

Humidity and poor indoor air quality can be both uncomfortable and unhealthy. If your home has excessive humidity, contact AirCon Service Company today. Our indoor air quality specialists can measure your home’s humidity levels and recommend system changes to keep them at a safe and comfortable level. With a dedication to quality work and customer service, we guarantee to fulfill all your air condition and heating needs. 
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Keep your HVAC unit in good shape with regular maintenance. Contact AirCon Service Company online or at 281-488-4357 to schedule an appointment. 
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Dusted your counters and tabletops? Check. Vacuumed your floors? Check. You may think you’ll breathe a little easier after removing visible dust particles from your home, but you may have forgotten something.

Replacing your air filters.

It’s easy to forget to replace air filters as they are out of sight, which means they’re probably not on your mind. However, filters get dirty quickly and they don’t last forever. If you don’t replace dirty filters often you will encounter some nasty side effects.

By Admin 28 Sep, 2017
Still having issues with your HVAC unit? Contact AirCon Service Company's A C and heating professionals today online or call 281-488-4357.
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Your home’s HVAC system is filled with complex devices and components, perhaps the least confusing of which is your thermostat. However, the wrong thermostat may be costing you extra on your energy bills. Before you purchase a new thermostat to install in your home, consider the more energy-efficient varieties available on the market.

You may see the words “smart” and “programmable” thrown about, but knowing the difference between the two and choosing the right one for your home and lifestyle could save you on your next energy bill.

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To learn more about options for improving your home's indoor air quality, contact AirCon Service Company online or by calling (281) 488-4357.
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Your air conditioning unit is one of the most vital systems in your home, especially during the warm summer months. As such, it deserves consistent upkeep to ensure the unit operates at optimum efficiency. When you notice your energy bills skyrocketing or your unit failing to operate as well as it used to, you may feel inclined to call in the air conditioning technicians immediately. However, reduced efficiency may be a sign of something a little simpler than total system failure. Your A/C unit may just be suffering from a dirty condenser or evaporator coil. By taking steps to carefully clean and maintain your unit’s coils, you can enjoy in-home comfort all year round.
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For all your cooling and heating needs, contact AirCon Service Company online or call (281) 488-4357.
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While it might seem like a needless chore, regularly changing your home’s air filter is an easy way to save money and ensure your family stays healthy. But when should you opt for a new filter? Here are some important factors to take into consideration before you make the switch.
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To schedule your home AC unit's next maintenance service, contact AirCon Service Company online or call (281) 488-4357. 
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Anyone who has worked in an office environment knows how chilly the workspace can get for, seemingly, no reason at all. Blasting the air conditioning is often regarded as just another standard trait of an office building that its employees have to endure. You don’t have to let your office’s air conditioning zeal stamp out your ability to concentrate and be productive, though! Boost your motivation and accuracy at work by ensuring you have all the tools you need to keep warm at your desk.

Why Does My Office Cubicle Feel More Like an Ice Cube-icle?

Offices are, more often than not, utterly freezing most days. Although tracking down the nearest thermostat may seem like a great idea, many companies may be particularly picky about their employees fiddling with their air conditioning. The tendency toward arctic temperatures is actually due to real building regulations, though that doesn’t necessarily mean this particular practice is still relevant in this day and age.

The reason most offices blast their AC all year long is because of building regulations from the 1960s and 70s. These recommended a chilly office temperature to offset the warmth of a full business suit because men still made up the bulk of the workforce at the time.

Because these outrageously dated regulations don’t work for today’s workforce, various studies have been conducted to pinpoint the most comfortable and productive temperature for the 21st-century office environment. Cornell University’s study found that accuracy improved and motivation increased when the temperature was raised to 68 to 77 degrees.1

So, why do offices continue to stick to their 40-year-old regulations if they know they don’t work? Upper management in companies is typically filled with people who either worked during the 60s and 70s or were taught by those who did. They’ve adhered to certain rules for decades and see little point in changing. In short, old habits die hard.

Great Ways to Keep Warm at Work

Even if your company’s management refuses to turn the dial on their air conditioning, staying warm in a freezing office is easier than you may think. If you find it’s difficult to focus due to the cold, it may be time to take a brisk stroll around the building or to the break room. Any amount of movement can increase your heart rate and pump blood to the chilly areas of your body, such as your fingers and toes. For extra warmth when you’re seated, you can bring in a sweater or scarf to keep at your desk when the cold is too much.

Some employees may raise the bar even more by keeping heated slippers or fingerless gloves at their desk. Though you may be unable to walk around the office in house slippers all day, snuggling up at your desk is a great way to feel warmer when you have to remain still.

Cozy Up During the Work Day with AirCon Service Company

Your home’s temperature is even more important if your office feels like the North Pole. You rely on it to provide comfort when you’re free of the freezing grip of the workplace. Houston residents can maintain the perfect temperature all year round with maintenance and upgrade services from the air conditioning experts at AirCon Service Company. To schedule your next service, contact us online or call 281-488-4357.

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