Closing Your Air Vents May Not Save You Money

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  • 30 Jun, 2017
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Your home air conditioning system uses a lot of energy, especially during the summer. To try and save money on their cooling bills, some people close the registers and vents in unoccupied rooms. The assumption is that doing so decreases the amount of cold air allocated to rooms where it’s not needed, allowing the air conditioning system to work less. While the logic might seem sound, it’s actually incorrect. Closing you system’s air vents does not save you money. In the long run, it can actually lead to safety issues and costly repairs.

How AC Systems Work

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is powered by an electric motor that blows air through the system. It pulls air from the house through return ducts and then pushes it back into the house via the vents. Each system is designed with a motor capable of blowing air against a maximum level of pressure. Excessive pressure forces the motor to adjust its power and output in order to maintain proper air flow.

When a homeowner closes the vents that blow air into the home, it’s forced back into the system. This puts additional pressure on the blowing motor. Over time, this building pressure can cause a number of problems for your home and HVAC system.

High-Pressure Risks

Air that backs up into the HVAC system’s motor isn’t content to just hang out until it’s blown into another room. The more vents you close, the higher the pressure builds. An electric motor will be forced to use more energy to control the flow of air. Once the pressure becomes too great, cool air will start leaking out of the duct system wherever it can. Most home ductwork isn’t perfectly sealed. The air escapes through small cracks in the ductwork, blowing into your attic or other spaces within the home, wasting energy that was intended to cool your living spaces.

A buildup of cold air can actually permanently damage your HVAC system. Cold air is created when uncooled air passes over cooling coils, which bring down the temperature. Too much cold air in one place can actually freeze the coils, causing the system to shut down.

Cooling Services in Texas

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A clanking furnace can certainly make for a fitful night of sleep, but it also indicates your HVAC system needs extra attention. Think of these sounds like symptoms. If you have a fever, you know you’re fighting off an illness; in the same way, these weird noises alert you to problems with your furnace’s inner workings.

HVAC issues are especially likely to surface in fall and winter in Houston. If you have a heat pump, it’s likely not used to working in reverse to heat your home, making previously unnoticed issues more likely to surface during our brief heating season. The same can be said for your furnace if you have one.

Fortunately for you, a seasoned professional can diagnose your HVAC system based on the noises your furnace or heat pump is making. Here are the most common sounds that indicate you have a furnace problem on your hands.

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Leaks are a sure sign there’s a problem with the pipes in your home. Most homeowners know a leaky sink could cost them more than usual on their water bills and are eager to seek out repairs. So, why shouldn’t homeowners treat air leaks with the same urgency and care? If an air leak is left alone for long, it could result in significantly higher energy bills and decreased weather protection. Take control of your energy usage by finding your home’s air leaks and repairing them with these tips.

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You might think having an airtight home is enough to keep out most dirt, dust and allergens, especially since your AC system filters your air. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Dust and dirt have a knack for getting everywhere and often resist common cleaning methods. Pet dander and dust mites can be notoriously difficult to remove and can still linger after a thorough cleaning regimen.

The best way to ensure your home stays as clean as possible is to conduct a whole-home filtration.

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Dusted your counters and tabletops? Check. Vacuumed your floors? Check. You may think you’ll breathe a little easier after removing visible dust particles from your home, but you may have forgotten something.

Replacing your air filters.

It’s easy to forget to replace air filters as they are out of sight, which means they’re probably not on your mind. However, filters get dirty quickly and they don’t last forever. If you don’t replace dirty filters often you will encounter some nasty side effects.

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